Album Title:  From Ashes To Wings

Release Date:  2015


Track Listing:


1.  Inferno

2.   From Ashes To Wings

3.  Far From Grace

4.  Requiem

5.  Edge Of Forever

6.  A New Day

7.  All That We Have

8.  Sea and Sky

9.  Broken Road

10.  Paralyzed

11.  To Live Again? 




Corey Brown:  Vocals

Hercules Castro:  Guitars / Keys / Vocals

Ian Ringler:  Bass

Greg Sands:  Drums






Music - Psyco Drama
Original lyrics - Psyco Drama




From Ashes To Wings


Music - Castro
Lyrics - Ringler


Lost in the moments where imagination plays
I hear the footsteps echo from across an empty stage
The machine that fed my dreams could only break me down
The passion, the pride, beaten to the ground


But I still hear it, hear it calling, calling out to me
I scream to drown it out, but it won’t let me be


When the doubt settles in on another endless night
The darkness turns away from the firelight
Desire burns within and it’s breathing in new life
From ashes to wings, forged in firelight


When I close my eyes it seems so far away
What I left behind all in faded days
But you can’t repeat the past, all it leaves are memories
That will hold you down and never set you free


Can you feel it, all the eyes upon you?
Your world is falling and there’s nothing you can do
You control your destiny, time for you to decide
The world waits for no one when looking in from the outside




Far From Grace


Music - Castro
Lyrics - Brown


Nothing’s the same, the pain is numb but the scars remain
All that I had was ripped away from me
Behind a shroud of lies you played your games
But I would still believe the words you said, empty shells of deceit


There you stand and there you fall, far from grace you lost it all
You threw it all away, for your own selfish need


Feels like I’ve fallen back, back to the end where it all began
Feels like I’ve been drowning while you pretend that there’s
no one else around


Nothing to say, the anger grows but it’s locked in chains
And all that you were, now a tainted memory
One day you’ll realize all the wicked things that you bestowed on me
A lesson learned for the price of self-centered ways


I can’t explain, seems so unreal to me
I never thought you’d forsake me






Music - Castro
Lyrics - Ringler


Waiting alone, so many words left to say
My final hour has begun today
Counting the rain drops as they fall outside
Each like a memory that fades away in time


Reaching for another day   Time fails us all, my friend
Servitude to fit their mood, obey until the end
When you speak of paradise   With false sympathy
Could you understand what it looks like for me?

Can I describe what it means to be alive?
You never could believe, you judged condemning me
Hearing my cries, were you afraid to look inside?
To face this tragedy, this is my destiny


Now cast aside, calling out your name
Tomorrow waits for someone else to blame
Seeking did they reach too far for this new light?
This new horizon, dying suns burn twice as bright


I was made to believe   I believe that I could dream
That the truth will set you free, it’s never what it seems
Come in closer to the pain   A burden of diversity

A black mass For broken machinery


This is my requiem




Edge Of Forever


Music - Castro
Lyrics - Ringler


Lost within the reflections of my mind
Haunted by your memory as the world passes by
The names, the faces, I would trade for one more day with you
An inner storm is raging behind these ancient eyes


A lifetime wasted
Chasing time


And I would give up forever to feel your touch again
Each day brings a new misery
Can time erase the pain?
Reaching out for your hands
Knowing you’re not there
On the edge of forever
Waiting forever, waiting for you


More than obsession, I still feel your final breath
And in the darkness I hear whispers of your name
Just like a phantom trapped inside an hourglass
Now I realize I will never be the same


Time drifts away in the blink of an eye
Afraid to live, unable to die
In my regrets are the words I left unsaid
Trying to relive the past to be with you again


How much time is enough in this eternal winter?
The moments frozen in time, slipping through my fingers




A New Day


Music - Castro
Lyrics - Brown, Castro, Ringler


I stand still and listen to the words that my heart speaks
My world was misdirected, I am lost in disbelief
And my view is changing, nothing left but memories
I feel so disconnected from a life that’s behind me


In this world I have no sense of direction
And I am drifting slowly towards a stormy sea


On the shores of sadness memories are left to rust
Your words have withered, dissolved to dust
Is this where we left off before,
The same conversation, same closed doors?
The ties unwind and I start to drift away


There was a time when I used to care
When I thought you would always be there


I cannot wait anymore, I decide my own fate
And now I understand, I see the truth from the light of a new day


Sometimes I think I’m the only one who remembers the fall
Should I call your name? It’s better to fail than to never try at all
Now the nights grow longer, the darkness colder, my spirit older
I’m afraid to close my eyes and let go of all I have


Set off in a new direction, in the shadow of blackened skies
A cold wind is in the air, a new horizon is in my sights
Reaching out as the tide carries me, waiting for winter’s chill to end
Raise the sail, take a breath, take the wheel
It’s time to claim my life again




All That We Have


Music - Castro
Lyrics - Brown, Ringler


My life’s an open book for the world to freely read
Full of dreams and sorrows
I’ve held my breath, but now it’s time to breathe


My life keeps passing by, so much I want to see
There’s no time to wait, it won’t wait for you
And it’s not going to wait for me


There are so many things that I want you to say
I can feel it all just slipping away


There may not be a tomorrow, all that we have is today
We cannot steal, beg, or borrow
Got to live in the now, only chance for you and me


Tell me once again all the things I want to hear
Lie to yourself as well, with only truth to remind you of the fear
Sitting in this silence, do you ever hear my words?

Head in the same direction
Another night of pain and cries that go unheard


And you can tell yourself “I would do it all again”
And at the end of the day you’re never going to change your ways


Memories, how we learn from our mistakes
Lie after lie and the promises we break
Was it worth it all? One by one the pieces fall
And with all of your pain, you’re alone again
Lie after lie




Sea And Sky


Music - Castro




Broken Road


Music - Castro
Lyrics - Brown


Here we are again, beginning of the end
I cannot run this maze anymore
Tried putting it all behind us, but it’s my pain that binds us
I could not see the truth anymore


I sacrificed everything I had to give you
You simply took it all from me


I couldn’t walk away, though I could see all of the signs
There’s nothing left for me down this long and broken road


You never showed me sorrow you never showed regret
How could you be so damn cold?
I was a fool to believe you, it’s true that love can deceive you
I could not escape the grasp of your hold


There was a time when I would blindly follow you
And I’m going my own way


I couldn’t turn away, though I could see all of the signs
The writings were on the wall for me
I should have walked away and read between all the lines
There’s nothing left for me down this long and broken road


I really thought I knew you, I’ve never seen this side of you
There’s no where left for me to go
They say that time heals all wounds, I have no time left to lose
Just want to live a life that’s true





Music - Ringler, Castro
Lyrics - Brown


I have seemed to have lost my way again, should I begin?
All the things that were once within my reach
Fallen through my hands


I have buried what I feel inside of me while I pretend


Still the sun will rise and a new day will begin
Another story with a beginning and an end


Life goes on
I will search for the meaning of it all
Questions linger, but the answers are lost
There’s a rage growing deep inside of me I can’t disguise
Can’t describe all this pain
It has left me paralyzed


Don’t want to feel this anymore
feel the silence all around you



To Live Again?


Music - Castro
Lyrics - Ringler


Remembering all of the pain
A reminder of where I should begin
Moments of my life play over in my mind
The shattered memories that have I left behind
Left alone in my world counting my regrets
The feelings linger on
I cannot forget


I thought if I could hide it all away
And let go of all the anger and the fear
What if I just can’t believe what’s real?


Chasing a dream too far away from me
Lost in infinity
Can I forget everything I thought was right and learn to live again?


Heartache born of sorrow
These tears I’ve cried for a broken tomorrow
Feeding lies creates the illusion
Falling deep into this sea of confusion
Tell me to stay and I will until I wake
Afraid to close my eyes to a world about to break


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